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Hi, Sprint LG G flex owners, are you confused about the Icons and symbols on Your LG G Flex? Do not worry, Here is the Glossary of Status Bar Icons and Notification Panel symbols used on Your LG G Flex (LS995). You can also found the icon glossary in the Sprint LG G flex User manual.

Signal Strength -Shows your current signal strength
No Service -Your phone cannot find a usable signal.
4G Connected -Indicates that 4G data service is available.
4G In Use -Indicates that 4G data service is in use.
3G/1x Connected -Indicates that 3G/1x data service is available.
3G/1x In Use -Indicates that 3G/1x data service is in use.
Wi-Fi Connected -Indicates that Wi-Fi is in use.
Bluetooth On -Indicates that Bluetooth is on.
GPS On -Indicates that GPS is on.
GPS Communicating -Indicates that the phone is receiving location data from GPS.
Roaming -Your phone is roaming off the Nationwide Sprint Network.
CDMA Roaming -Indicates that phone is roaming.
Airplane Mode -Indicates that the phone is in Airplane Mode.
Speakerphone On -Indicates that Speakerphone is on.
Vibrate Mode -Indicates that the ringer volume is set to vibrate and any sounds are silenced.
Ringer Silenced -Indicates that all sounds are turned off.
Very Low Battery -Indicates that battery is very low.
Low Battery -Indicates that battery is low.
Battery Drained (40%) -Indicates that battery is partially drained.
Battery Full -Shows your current battery charge level. (Icon shown is fully charged.)
Battery Charging -Indicates that battery is charging.
Alarm Clock -Indicates that an alarm is set.
NFC Activated -Indicates that NFC is activated.
Direct/Android Beam Activated -Indicates that Direct/Android Beam is activated
New Gmail Message -Indicates a new Gmail message.
New Email -Indicates a new Email message.
New Text or Multimedia Message -Indicates you have received a new text or multimedia message.
High Priority Text or Multimedia Message - Indicates you have received a high priority text or multimedia message.
New Voicemail -Indicates you have received a new voicemail message.
Upcoming Event -Alerts you to an upcoming event.
Data Is Syncing -Application sync is active and synchronization is in progress for Gmail
Problem With Sign-In Or Sync -There has been an issue with your connection to the Google server
Full Internal Storage -Indicates that internal storage is full.
USB Connected -The phone has detected an active USB connection.
More Notifications Not Displayed -Indicates that there are more notifications which are not displayed in the Status Bar.
Call In Progress -Indicates that a call is in progress.
Call In Progress Using Bluetooth Headset -Indicates that a call is in progress using the Bluetooth headset.
Call Being Forwarded -Indicates that a call is being forwarded.
Call On Hold -Indicates that a call is on hold.
Missed Call -Indicates that you have missed calls.
Uploading Data -Indicates that your phone is uploading data.
Downloading Data -Indicates that your phone is downloading data.
Download Finished -Indicates that a download is complete.
Connected To VPN -Indicates that the phone is connected to a Virtual Private Network.
Disconnected From VPN -Indicates that the phone is disconnected from the Virtual Private Network.
Song Is Playing -Indicates that a song is playing.
Carrier data -Data use threshold approaching or exceeded.
TTY -Indicates that your phone is operating in TTY mode.
Hotspot Active - Indicates that Portable Wi-Fi hotspot is active.

If you found any icon that is not included in above table, please let us know.

Wish this Helps!